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Culturally significant urban parks have traditionally been a venue for exhibiting a nation's pride, values and aspirations. They are also places that express a nation's zeitgeist, spirit of the time. Stretched between the National Academic Drama Theater and the Haydar Aliyev Adina Saray, the site bridges two major cultural institutions and becomes an ideal location to engage in the discourse of the nation's heritage and progress. For the Baku project, the notion of a park was broken down to its basic elements of trees, plants, paths, benches and focal points. Then each of these elements were re-examined, reinvented and traditional elements were rearranged to evoke a sentiment that touches a visitor in a way that promotes pride and hope.

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Client: A+A Group
Program: Urban Park
Land Size: 3,800m²
Built-up area: 3,800m²
Phase: Concept Design

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